Smoky Mountain Stoned is located in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee & was established in 2017. Our products include Moonshine Pickles, Salsa's, Jam's, Jellies, Chow Chow, Elderberry/Hibiscus Syrup, Hard Candy, Caramel Corn, & Tinctures as well as one of a kind art, craft's & Shiner Gnomes. We travel to event's & love meeting our follower's, many of which have become friends. In March of 2023 my husband of 29 years passed away very suddenly & unexpectedly so I've had to adjust to a new way of life & close my home shop, Smoky Mountain Stoned products are still available at Thriving Artist Co-op located at 205 East Broadway in Newport, TN & I will resume doing local events in 2024 & will post those as soon as I get a schedule. TY for all your support & stay tuned for updates ♥️